Cord-cutting woes, or How I learned to stop worrying and search for figure skating clips on YouTube

So the other day, I was trying to get out to Olympia Airport, and I called Nation’s Best Cabs. It was all very convenient, and the cabbie showed up at my door in just a few minutes.

“Where to?”

“The airport, please.”

“Sure thing, ma’am. Just let me see your contract from your car dealer, and we’ll be on our way.”

“…my what?”

“You know, proof that you own a car.”

“I don’t own a car. That’s why I called a cab.”

“Sorry, lady, can’t help you. Car-owners only.”

“You’re saying you won’t take my money to drive me someplace, because I don’t own a car.”

“Can’t. We need cars, and the dealers won’t do business with us if we just give people a way to get places without going to car dealerships. Undercuts their business model. You know what though, if you have a friend who owns a car, I could let you ride with them.”

“Thanks, but I think I’ll just hitchhike.”