De — wait for it — nial

I was just thinking today about how weird it was that How I Met Your Mother ended before we ever met the mother. It’s too bad, because after all that buildup, I would have liked to have that last season where we saw how special her and Ted’s relationship was.

And, of course, where the Ted-and-Robin thing was laid to rest once and for all. One thing I’ve always liked about this show is that it definitively answered “will they or won’t they” in the very first episode, and the answer was “no.” I thought that was such a refreshing change of pace. Sure, they dated, but we always knew that they would both move on eventually, and it was kind of interesting to watch how they found out that even though they would always love each other, in the end a romance wasn’t the kind of love they were meant to have. That just doesn’t happen on TV. Unfortunately, the show went on far longer than the writers could ever have anticipated, so I think they kind of ran out of ideas for how to stall Ted meeting the mother and they went back to the Robin well once too often. It would have been nice to finally see the resolution to that storyline, and to see Ted embrace his loving friendship with Aunt Robin without needing it to be anything else.

Besides, I love Robin and Barney together. Admittedly, I mostly love the Robin and Barney from about Season 4; they would have had a totally unconventional marriage that would have been amazing because they got each other in a way nobody else ever quite did. So maybe it’s just as well that Season 9 never happened, because their characterization had gotten kind of wonky over the last few seasons and I’m afraid the writers might have tanked the relationship again they way they did in Season 5.

So it sucked that we never met the mother, but I’m actually pretty OK with it. I’ll just pretend that while Ted was getting near the end of this long-ass story, the mother got home from her trip and gave him a long, sloppy, so-good-to-see-you-again kiss. And the kids got grossed out and left, and Ted was too distracted to finish the story anyway.