Gun safety laws are self-defense

Another week, another couple of mass murders made possible by guns. Not to mention all the mundane murders, suicides, and “accidents.” But we can’t do anything about any of that, thanks in large part to those who insist “people have the right to defend themselves.” Well, yeah. We do. But the thing is, we all do.

Our gun laws assume that everyone without a criminal record is a “good guy with a gun” until proven (often lethally) otherwise. But realistically, we’re also giving the irresponsible, the untrained, the abusive, the hot-headed, and the deluded who think they’re warriors easy access to firearms. In NRA World, if you want to defend yourself against those people, you get yourself a gun of your own. Period. That’s their only answer. If you’re unable to use a firearm, or unwilling to shoot another human being, or just a toddler in a home where guns aren’t stored properly, you don’t get a defense.

In a civilized society, we would have better ways to protect ourselves. One of those ways is reasonable gun regulation — training, licensing, registration, insurance, safe storage requirements. That would be self-defense for everybody, not just those willing to injure or kill a fellow human. (And willing to spend money on the gun industry’s products, naturally.)

But it’s the NRA’s country; we just live in it. Except for the ones who don’t get to live anymore.

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