I can’t wait for the “Ladies, protect yourselves from being shot at!” campaigns. Maybe we’ll get whistles.

My goodness, there’s a positive epidemic of women driving men to violence by denying them sex.

3 Women Refuse Sex, Suspect Fires Rounds

A man opened fire on three women early Saturday after the women refused to have sex with him and his friends, according to the Stockton Police.

Authorities said the women accompanied the men to Rosemarie Lane, near Pacific Avenue and March Lane. Around 1:45 a.m., the women declined when the men asked them to have sex, and the men ordered them to leave.

As the women were leaving, one of the men fired about eight rounds from a 9mm handgun at them, but no one was injured.

When will women learn to take responsibility for their own actions? If you don’t want a man to shoot at you, just give him the sex that’s rightfully his.

(Why yes, I do feel dirty just typing that.)


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