An Open Letter to Self Magazine

I love this post, and all the backlash SELF magazine has been getting for making fun of people who wear tutus while running. God forbid anyone should wear something cute and fun to give them a little boost when they’re exercising hard! I can only assume the person who wrote that blurb has never been to a marathon — people run in all sorts of crazy clothes, and sometimes even full costumes. It’s FUN. It makes people smile. Why would anyone over the age of 14 think it’s OK to crap on other people’s fun to make themselves feel cooler?

Now I want a tutu. I’ve got a marathon in 4 weeks; I deserve some damn tulle.

Destination: Unknown

 Dear Self Magazine,

I’m not entirely sure if you’re aware of this, but there’s a really rather unfortunate stereotype surrounding women, one which has been ingrained in our society for far too long. It’s a heavy-duty contributor to why it’s still a struggle for women to be seriously accepted as capable equals in the greater part of the real world, and since your magazine was founded and is currently run by women, you’d think that you of all people would understand how significant that struggle is. That stereotype is that women are petty, shallow, and that we are only capable of gleaning self-respect or self-worth by the mockery and putting-down of other women.

 You know, of course, that what I’m getting at has something to do with your blatant mockery of Monika Allen in the March issue of your magazine, but what really set me off was not just the…

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