Nothing pisses me off quite like spam

I will never understand what goes through the mind of a person who can be a spammer without being crippled with self-loathing.

I mean it. Your entire living is predicated on stealing other people’s resources to send out ads, scams, and malware. There isn’t so much as a pretense of anything socially redeeming. People who never did anything to you and whose only offense is to want nothing to do with the shit you’re peddling have to spend money and time dealing with your attacks. The foundation of your “success” (and you do consider yourself successful, don’t you) isn’t that you’re smart, or strong, or talented in any way, but simply that you’re more willing to be a cheating dick than most people.

I actually have a job that provides at least a tiny benefit to the world, and half the time I still feel worthless. How do these people get out of bed every morning?

(This post brought to you by my email being down because some asshole compromised my account and used it to send spam.)


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