I have no title but I must post

I think I mentioned before that I’m doing the FIRST novice marathon training program (motto: “Hard to Google”). You only run three times a week, but every run is what they call a “quality” run — intervals, tempo, or a long run. They’re all demanding, in different ways.

I chose the program because I like speedwork and because with the exercise bike in our basement, it’s easier for me to schedule the two cross training days than to find two or three more days to run every week. There’s one advantage I didn’t expect, though. Since every run is hard, every time I complete one I feel great about myself. I’m basically getting a shot of “I kicked that run’s ass!” three times a week. This is lovely for one’s self-esteem.

Except for today, mind you. Today’s run went OK, but now I hurt all over for some reason. But most days: ass-kicking!


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