Never mind the post-Christmas chocolate sales…

…I’m too tired to go shopping. I have a new iPad Mini and I’m too tired to play with it. That tired. I’m surfing the web and just clicking on random links because I can’t remember what I’m looking for or what words mean.

Good Christmas, all in all. I almost forgot to send my sister her gift, and I think I may have been wrong about it being something she wanted, but pretty good apart from that. And now the child is staying at her grandparents’ house for a couple of days. I trust parents will understand when I say that as much as I love her, this is still a huge help. Especially when you’re as introverted as I am, it’s just hard to recharge your batteries when there’s always someone around. So for me, this is when the real vacation begins. Time to go find an easy room escape game and play until I pass out.


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