At least she’s pro-contraception?

A professor of Social Work in Mississippi has this genius idea for preventing teen pregnancy:

Social workers should explain to teenage females that if they get pregnant, while in middle school or high school, there is no money for prenatal care, no money for prenatal exams, no money for a birth at a hospital, no money for formula or baby food, no money for diapers.

Dr. Swindell calls this “an unconventional approach.” Yes, punishing teen moms and their children is bold and innovative.

I hope this professor doesn’t call herself pro-life, because this is a great way to guarantee more abortions.


One thought on “At least she’s pro-contraception?

  1. Thank you for reading my article and posting a comment. I work with women and teenage girls who have been raped and got pregnant from the rape or had sex and didn’t think they “could get pregnant the first time” or “get pregnant if he pulled out” and are pregnant. I also am a forensic interviewer of child and teen sexual assault and so the abortion dilemma is always a tough one. Having an abortion or keeping a child or placing a child for adoption are hard, personal, heart-wrenching decisions. As an ethical social worker, my role is to fully support the pregnant mother, whatever her decision is and to make sure her needs are met during that time. Abortion is not what my blog was about. My blog was about PREVENTION EDUCATION and ways to decrease teen pregnancy–such as offering a free college education.

    Also, I am not advocating punishment. I am advocating PREVENTION EDUCATION. And these ideas that I explained in the blog, came from many of my students, many young democratic welfare recipients, who are single mothers, who got pregnant while they were teenagers. I was surprised and impressed at the boldness of the solutions and think they are innovative, realistic, and doable. And the best way to change the system is to go to the consumer, who is the expert on how to bring about the change. And I think the “way to guarantee more abortions” is to show children and teenagers more and more that we care less and less about their futures.

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